Turn your imagination into reality through our creative personalized classes. Our workshops are directed towards makeup artists that would like to learn new techniques or brush up on their existing skill set. Below is our upcoming workshop list!

Half Head Sculpture in WED Clay (2 days)

  • Creating for Clients/Being part of a larger team
  • Anatomy, Design and Reference Material
  • Building an Armature
  • Sculpting in WED Clay
  • Creating Form
  • Refining the Sculpture
  • Creating realistic Textures
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Airbrush Basics Workshop (2 days)

The first workshop will be held April 18 & 19th. Basics (2 days)

  • How to choose the best tool and products for the job
  • Assembly, Disassembly and proper care of tools
  • Troubleshooting/Problem Solving
  • Professionalism & Etiquette
  • Airbrush Fantasy Make-up
  • Drills to expedite progress
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Pros-Aide Transfers (2 days)

  • Creating Pros-aide Transfers from start to finish
  • Sculpting
  • Molding the sculptures in silicone
  • Running Transfers
  • Demolding and Dehydrating
  • Applying and Painting Transfers
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Advanced Life Casting: Full Head in Body Double (2 days)

  • Professionalism and Etiquette
  • Bald Cap Application
  • Working with Body Double
  • Creating a strong Mother Mold
  • Casting the Positive in Hydrocal and Ultra-cal
  • Demolding and Correcting the Positive
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Prosthetic Sculpture & Advanced Mold Making (2 days)

  • Sculpting for Prosthetic make-up
  • Lab Safety and Efficiency
  • Epoxy Mold Making
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Silicone Prosthetic Creation & Application (2 days)

  • Advantages of using Silicone Prosthetics
  • Lab Safety and Efficiency
  • Running Gel-filled Silicone Appliances
  • Silicone Prosthetic Make-up Application
  • Professionalism and Set Etiquette
  • Silicone Painting Techniques
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One on One Master Class

  • Customized for you
  • One of a kind learning experience
  • Learn from the Pros

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